EBAN Leads Workshop on Startup Funding at TechnologyBIZ in Naples

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EBAN holds a startup workshop |

On July 7, 2016, EBAN’s Director of Secretariat Jacopo Losso together with BANC‘s Coordinator Alex D’Espona, led a startup workshop titled “In the Investor’s Mind” in Naples, Italy at the TechnologyBIZ. The workshop focused on defining the characteristics of a business angel and the ways in which entrepreneurs can raise their chances of obtaining funding from these. Specific advice on what to include in a pitch and how to present it, as well as how to attract more investors were discussed.

The startup workshop, attended by 20 local startup entrepreneurs, lasted 2 hours and was preceded by 1 hour and followed by another hour of direct one-on-one feedback on pitches and business models, advice on what SME instruments to look at, etc. Hosting organizations included Città della Scienza – a Business Innovation Centre (BIC) based in Naples that includes an incubator among other services, the Campania Region and City of Naples Municipality. The information and ideas presented at the startup workshop were enthusiastically received by entrepreneurs and other attendees. This bodes well for Naples and its attempts to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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The city in fact boasts one of the finest artisanal cultures in the world, especially in the textile sector, attracting more and more youth who bring a modern take on communication and retail to the industry. The founders of the Harmont & Blaine clothing company are among several internationally renowned entrepreneurs hailing from the region. Additionally, the area has a high touristic appeal, attracting several million visitors every year. This, in turn, breeds startups that offer apps featuring important historic monuments, various types of guided tours, etc. Medical and chemical industries have also produced a few noteworthy startups, again, based on tradition that has been present in the region for more than a century.

Startup workshop is looking to boost the local economy

In general, startups from the region are both innovative and abundant in number, but on the private investment front, there are no early stage investor communities to fuel their growth and development. Moreover, traditional banking institutions also show reluctance to get involved in funding startups or even supporting.

However, there is still a hub of activity, which can facilitate further developments in the ecosystem. The Città della Scienza BIC is a full member of the EBN Innovation Network and currently has 16 startups on site. Most are related to tourism, textile, agricultural and artisan sectors. It is the only certified incubator in the south of Italy, where startups can stay for up to 3 years and receive also a wide range of services. EBAN encourages and supports the efforts of the BIC and hopes to have further involvement in developing the Business Angel ecosystem in Naples and the Campania region.

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