First HUBTECS workshop a success

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HUBTECS, a workshop backed and organized by Mentors & Founders, has proved successful, gathering industry professionals, entrepreneurs and government officials, who laid down the groundworks for the establishment of regional IoT hub.

HUBTECS aims to establish a cooperation network between ICT companies in the region, while harnessing the educative competences of Belgrade and Nis universities. The workshop is the first of the series, each covering key industry issues and stimulating constructive discussion, all while providing networking possibilities for the participants. The main goal of the project is to introduce I4MS-based technologies, processes and services to companies and research institutions in Serbia and Western Balkans. I4MS is a cross-border program established as a support to European IT SMEs which grants access to relevant competences, provides financial support and helps digital transformation.


Mentors & Founders CEO, Andrija Bednarik, emphasized the importance of efficient knowledge sharing channels among experts, entrepreneurs and investors. These channels are creating a powerful hub as the basis of exponential economic growth. Mr. Bednarik invited all stakeholders to engage in this kind of knowledge sharing hub, which is organized within the Mentors & Founders organization.

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The panel recognized the importance of education and creating the market before the product, while tackling the issues of brain drain, excessive outsourcing at the expense of original products and the lack of quality sales channels.

Other speakers at the event included Dušan Kosić, CFO of High Tech Engineering Center, Srdjan Jovanović, CTO of Humeds, Milan Dobrijević, Head of the Group for development of Digital agenda (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications), Dejan Dramićanin, Director of Bit Gear, Kosta Andrić, Exective director of ICT Hub, while the event was moderated by Milica Djurić of Innovation Centre.

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