Code of Conduct

SBAN does business according to the following objectives and rules
Main objectives are:
  • To support development of equity capital investment in Serbia and region
  • To provide opportunities for financing and further development of small and medium sized enterprises
  • To support development of innovative business projects and entrepreneurship culture overall
  • To provide investors with updated information regarding high quality business ideas and start-up companies
  • Openness of SBAN relations with entrepreneurs, business angels and other networks
  • Maintenance of the good standing and reputation of the Network
  • Avoiding funds with suspicious provenance
  • Contractual relationship between angels and entrepreneurs
  • Limiting the spread of company information to inside the SBAN network
  • Protection of the confidentiality of information and forbidding the abuse of information received. Each SBAN member shall use the information about accessible projects in good faith and in order to take a decision regarding an investment only. The information cannot be used for benefitting personally from it without the prior knowledge and consent of the entrepreneur and the Network
  • In their relations with other SBAN members, with entrepreneurs and with representatives of the Network, both business angels and entrepreneurs are expected to behave properly and in compliance with the principles of ethical business conduct and fair trade practice
  • The Serbian Business Angels Network and the SBAN members shall strictly keep the anonymity of its Members and other contractors, unless they specifically state their wish to be announced publicly or that such information shall be provided to any third parties, which is subject to notification in writing of the Network