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How does Mentors & Founders platform work?

Mentors & Founders enable entrepreneurs to present their business ideas and projects to a wide network of experts. Entrepreneurs can also search for suitable experts by using the web portal that serves as a matchmaking platform. The mentors, professionals who are the members of the M&F network, have an insight into all the projects and they are given the possibility to browse the project database according to the area of their interest or capital that is to be invested.

Depending on the scope of the project, Mentors & Founders may allow for multiple mentors. This practice enables covering of diversified areas of expertise and improves moderation of bigger projects.

Easily searchable Mentors & Founders database

The registered Mentors & Founders members have the possibility of accessing the project database. The database consists of chosen business plans and projects which are added by the selected Founders.

After identifying an appealing project, a Mentor shows their interest for making a contact with a potential founder through Mentors & Founders matchmaking platform. In the final phase, the contact between the mentor and entrepreneur is made through the platform.

Additional services

The experts from Mentors & Founders assess the received projects and those evaluated as appealing ones will be publicized on the website. Also, mentor credibility check will be conducted, and the access to the projects in the database will be allowed only after obtaining membership permission.

Mentors & Founders may organize lectures and conferences for both entrepreneurs and mentors, as well as various lectures, trainings, workshops and other educational events that aim to improve the participants’ knowledge on the area of their project.

Mentors & Founders experts will be granted an opportunity to participate in the conferences and will be provided with information on new projects and examples of similar developments from the region, the EU and the USA. The M&F expert team consists of both local and international experts who are successful leaders of the similar organizations in their own countries.

M&F also organizes conferences where the trained entrepreneurs, whose project ideas were assessed as the most successful ones, will be given a chance to deliver the presentation of their business plan in front of a crowded auditorium of businesspeople who are interested in investing their capital and knowledge into the similar projects.

M&F also cooperates with regional Business Angels Networks, as well as with Business Angels Networks from the EU, the UK, the USA, giving the possibility to local entrepreneurs to find foreign investors interested in financing appealing project ideas. In case of insufficient number of interesting business ideas in the country, M&F supports local investors to find a suitable business idea which will be realized abroad by their own investment.